May 29th, 2018

First I just want to give a little time capsule of this day in history. Pusha T dropped his drake diss today and the 76ers GM was found to have multiple twitter burner accounts. Crazy world we live in. Anyway, work was crazy but great today. I am so happy to be back to work. With all of the work I have to do for Ellen it is much easier when I can be in an organized work environment with quick feedback. I really do love my job and I think that is part of the reason I started to get a bit frustrated with the city. I met a really cool dude at work today. I think life is starting to remind me that I can never shut a door. Just as I thought I was done with New York and opportunity arises. I am praying so hard that I make the right decision. I am excited to see how these next 2 weeks will play out! Sorry for not posting pictures lately. To be candid I wrote the last 4 days blogs tonight because I honestly forgot my laptop existed. This was a calculated effort to rejuvenate my spirits. I had felt like I was being consumed by this thing. I needed to find my inner self and work and even creativity was just a burden. I needed a detox. I am back and better than ever. Tomorrow I promise I will have a great picture for you all!

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