May 22nd, 2018

Woke up. Looked at clock. Went back to sleep…….

Okay, this time I actually woke up. Okay, okay, its midnight so I’m not actually writing this after waking up but it sounds cooler to start this way. Anyway, today I went to the Lincoln Center library again. It was another really great day as far as work goes. I am getting a great head start on my schoolwork which gives me peace of mind. I cannot even tell you guys how excited I am to graduate. I honestly love learning–it is my passion. College doesn’t really make me feel this way. I have been super lucky to have a great professor for a lot of my classes this year and she does a tremendous job of teaching the material. That being said, I think the world is what you make it so I’m going to make it my classroom. I am going to take education into my own hands and personalize it. There is endless amount of information in the world, and discovering it for yourself is one of the best learning methods. I love everyone and have a good night.

P.S. 75 percent

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