May 17th, 2018

Another great day in the books. I woke up about 10 (living the dream lol) and headed into the city to do some work. I went to the performing arts library again, because the chairs are incredibly comfy. I actually finished all of my homework for the week tonight. Tomorrow is the HSAD fashion show, so that will be really fun to see. On a more trivial note, I wore shorts today and realized that all of these 30,000 step days have actually made me gain some leg muscles. Showing my legs for the past two years has been an insecurity of mine because I hated how small they were. This is something that will make me feel better next time I feel like my legs are legitimately on fire after hitting the mattress. Tomorrow I think I will try to find a new study spot and then come back in time to change and head back into the city to watch the kids fashion show.

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