June 8th, 2018

Wow. I cannot even lie. I had tears in my eye as I left Ellen’s today. I cannot even think about anything else in this blog today. While this is my last day in the city, it seems much more significant to me that it is my last day with Ellen. I have learned SO much in my two months with Ellen, and hopefully I have taught her a lot, as well. She is a ultra talented woman, with a golden heart, and positivity that could always cheer me up. For the rest of my life, I will look back on my time with Ellen as a gift from God. This internship is honestly quite lucky. For her to take the leap of faith in my abilities was something I will be forever grateful for–and I know I didn’t let her down. I put my heart and sole into my work for Ellen because she will never know how much she changed my life. When I was waiting for this trip in Ohio, I couldn’t have dreamed of how amazing my time would be. My life was actually somewhat depressing before I left. Yes, I am always positive. And I was in Ohio before I left but I can’t lie and say that ending my baseball career didn’t take a tool on me. I was physically and mentally lost for a month or so before April. In these two months I have grown ten fold. The amount I have changed is unimaginable. There isn’t a thing about this trip I would change. My emotions are at full force right now, because it is always hard to close one book and start another. Sometimes life starts a new chapter, but tomorrow seems like the start of a sequel. Jesus will help me find my next job, my next location, my next decision. But for now I just lay in my bed reminiscing on all of the once in a life time opportunities I have been handed while here. Thank you to whoever may be reading this. I really don’t even check the traffic on this blog because I write this for myself. That being said, if anybody does read these… thank you. It’s been a hell of a ride. Hopefully you’re up to start the sequel to my book tomorrow. Goodnight.

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