June 7th, 2018

It is so very weird thinking about this being the last night that I ever need to set my alarm to wake up for Ellen Christine Couture. Anyway, today was a really nice day at work. This week I have spent all of my time making sure I try to pass my knowledge to the other interns. I am such a horrible teacher, however. My addiction to knowledge somehow does not transfer to teaching. I can be a great teacher, but only if it is in a team format. I am very good at delegating and defining roles, teaching everyone how to succeed at their tasks; however, when it comes to explaining how I do some of the things that I do… I have a hard time. Technology is something that comes to me naturally. I can teach fashion, or marketing. Technology is something that I maysel have to think about when I go to teach someone else. Most of my talent comes from my ability to apply prior knowledge of similar technological situations to whatever situation is at hand. After work I helped one of my friends apply to some jobs because he was very stressed out. I got home very late tonight and have been thinking about sleep all day.

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