June 5th, 2018

Today at work I spent the day making a presentation that gives step by step detail into how Lynda Carter’s crown for the Met Gala was made. I had a lot of fun making this presentation and it gave me some creative juices. When I got home I cooked up some hotdogs and spent the rest of the night applying to jobs in Columbus. I am a little nervous that I will have a week or so when I get back of just dead time. I hate dead time. Ideally I will get a few interviews lined up right away. I applied to probably 30 jobs tonight. I feel like I am a college sports recruit waiting for that one person to give me an opportunity. I just need one break. My experience, and ability speaks for itself it’s just sometimes harder to find the right job opening. I have full faith in god that everything will work out. Tomorrow will be spent networking at an event with Ellen. Who knows maybe I will meet someone there that will help me. I am rambling right now because its 2 am and I’m super tired. Goodnight

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