June 3rd, 2018

I didn’t wake up until about 12 am today. I needed some rest after last nights madness. I am sun-burnt, voiceless, sore, and tired but it was all worth it. I would pay to do it all over again. I think if I get the chance to see Travis perform anytime for the rest of my life I will go. Anyway, outside of reminiscing on Travis’s set and rewatching it once or twice on YouTube, I got all of the homework I avoided this weekend done and even did well on my last test. The Cavaliers once again disappointed me, but that’s not to shocking at this point. I picked up some aloe for my skin and some food for the last week. I plan to fully enjoy my day off tomorrow. Maybe I will catch the Staten Island ferry one time before I leave. See good old lady liberty and the view that drew me to the city. Again, it seems as if I will be heading home. I am really enjoying life right now. I know life will work out… it always does. So, instead I am just focusing on the things that I have control over and praying a lot. Lately this stressful period has reminded me how important it is to pray and have faith, which has gotten me back to positive Toasty and I love that Toasty.

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