For the first time in this blogs existence, I am admitting defeat. I honestly forgot about this website for a few days all together and can’t even try to go back and fill in the days I missed. So, let’s just call it a grace period to help remind myself when I started this new chapter. I am changing the date format to help really differentiate the New York chapter from the Columbus chapter. Let’s start from where I left off. On Saturday my dad picked me up and I left the big apple for good ole St. Henry. Conveniently, Homan and Arod were both home so I spend the night in the most significant location of my life: Homan’s basement and Celina’s Taco Bell. It felt right. All of the time in New York, I doubted if the right things would happen and again life didn’t let me down. I ended up in the best situation possible. It’s hard for me not to think of lil Skies song “Strictly Business” where he sings about wanting to make it with the people that were there from the start. Honestly, I am thrilled to be home. There is something about home that can never be replaced. I know I won’t be here for long: whether it’s a year or a month… Columbus and Ohio in general doesn’t seem to be my style. But who knows. Life tends to throw a lot of curveballs. One thing I have stayed faithful towards my whole life is the fact that God always has the best plan. I tend to believe that life is more pre-planned than choices. So, I just ride the wave that I’m on because if you try to switch waves you fall. I spent the last couple of days going into stores and basically asking for jobs. I have gotten a lot of feedback from possible employers, but I know my worth and will only settle for a place that seems right. My driving factor in life is happiness so if I can’t be happy at the place I work, I would rather die. I refuse to settle. I have faith in my abilities and most importantly God. I know God will give me the perfect opportunity. I cannot wait to see what happens and I just love waking up in the morning. Each morning is another opportunity to live life. An opportunity that so many take for granted. I really, truly, love life. And I hope you do too. It’s not that serious… really. Money isn’t that important. That girl isn’t that important. The only things that are important are the things that bring you happiness. I really believe that people should take more advantage of this. Make your happiness dependent on things that don’t require a lot. Appreciate the little things. Be a good person. Help the homeless. Help your roommate. Be the bigger person. Whatever you chose to base your life around, appreciate it. If you achieve a goal… celebrate. If you live life constantly wanting the next thing it will be over before you know it. If I die young then just know I lived more than most people do in 60 years. I take everyday as a blessing and thank god I’m alive everyday. I love you all and hope to meet anybody that possibly could be reading this. Hopefully everyone is ready to start this new journey with me.

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